2 Days Off & Speed Build

Hello! I finally did it! I made a YouTube video and finished one from last year of a Sims Speed Build. I hope you enjoy them!



On Stand By

The last week has been kind of surreal. The past weekend was filled with a still panic of confusion and anticipation of a city wide shutdown. I spent my Monday, my first day off in a month, not going to cafes but instead rushing through a chaotic Target in search for some basics for the upcoming week. Los Angeles is on partial shutdown that doesn’t affect my full time job but does my weekend job.

Walking to work this week has been quite eerie and alarming to see everything unfold. Seeing people in front of Walgreens stand 6 feet apart waiting to go in the store was like watching a movie. I see the effects of this virus sweep through each place across the nation from Twitter and TikTok. Social media is keeping me informed but also providing me a sense of humor to go along with the anxiety and uncertainty during this time.

I haven’t sat and thought about what is happening in-depth because the financial impact will hit me less than others. I also know if I think about what’s happening obsessively, I will fall into a depression. I am aware of what is going on and what steps to take but I cannot focus all my attention on the pandemic. I won’t watch anything that focuses on the end of the world in any format especially when it’s a natural disaster movie like San Andreas. As someone who thinks about the future more than the present, I am constantly wishing the best about life.

The shutdown of many food service, retail, and face to face industries is what makes me sad. Thousands of people who work paycheck to paycheck are put into an excruciating position of not knowing when they will be able to work again. I am lucky enough that my part time job hasn’t closed and will be doing take out for the remaining time. 

Since I couldn’t make my way to a few cafes on my day off, I wanted to support the ones I know I can from a distance. I bought 2 gift cards from Day Glow and Installation Coffee and donated to my friend’s cafes GoFundMe. I’ve followed GoFundBean on Twitter and IG to see where I can donate next when I get paid tomorrow. I plan on buying random gift cards for the next week or so to be able to grab a cup of coffee when this ends. 

If you’re at work and home, just remember we are all in this together. That may be a tad cliche but it’s the truth. We are all stuck in our homes and worried about what happens if we get sick or we get someone else sick. Just remember, for the love of people, to wash your hands! 


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Quick & Easy

I promise the following post will be quick and painless! I have a meal to share with you! There’s really no back story! All you need is the following ingredients and bam! A quick and easy meal. I got this idea from my former lunch alternative of Healthy Choice Meals. I didn’t like the chicken in but love the taste of the balsamic and wanted to give that a go!

Recipe: Angel Hair Pasta, Balsamic Dressing, Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Cherry Tomatoes, and Spinach. Use as much as you want but I should have used more spinach and tomatoes.

Start the pasta water. I use garlic salt in my water. Follow the instructions of your pasta box. Cut the tomatoes into halves. Fire up a small pan and add the balsamic. The brand I bought is oily, I would rather cook in that than use butter or oil to cook them. I pan fry the tomatoes with minced garlic then add 2 handfuls of spinach to the pan and let them cook down. I drain my pasta and let it cool off a bit. I shave a little parmesan on top of the spinach and tomatoes.

I hope you enjoy in this alternative version of this frozen meal. If you try it, let me know!


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LA Life Hacks

Thanks to my friend, J, the following idea is brought to you by our minds. Living in Los Angeles can be a lot of money. When it comes to having a car in this city – you should also add about $50 in parking fees or more. I personally can account that even Lyft and Uber were more expensive in LA versus Philly. 

Park and Save!

I personally don’t know about the car life but J does. This tip is from him: If you need to park downtown for more than an hour and need to pick up food, park in the Whole Foods Parking Lot at 8th and Grand. Run your errands for up to 90 minutes then come back and grab a slice of pizza or pick up a nice bottle of wine before validating.

To The Airport

Being carless in LA has brought me some challenges along the way. I can’t go overboard with food shopping, walking to the laundromat can be a hassle, or getting to the airport is an adventure itself. If you don’t have a friend to take you to the airport, head out to LAX via Flyaway bus. There are few buses that go to different parts of the city. I usually head to the Hollywood and Vine Street stop but when I am trying to get home faster, I will get on the one to Union Station from LAX.

Bring Your Own Cup

Save the earth and save some coins! Most coffee shops will give you 10% or 10¢ to 25¢ off your order. If you’re trying to be plastic free, ask for paper instead of an iced cup and forgo the lid!

Matinee Ticket

If you have the weekday free time to watch a movie this is for you. Check out smaller theaters to see a film at $6.50! Vintage Theaters will have 2-230pm showings of popular movies like Star Wars to The Shape of Water. Check out Highland Theaters and Laemmle, too. 

I have a few ideas in the works for the next few months. I want to be able to bust them out while I can! Keep a lookout this weekend for my February Playlist and more wallpapers!

xoxo seq

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Scenery Downloads

The last few months I’ve made a few wallpapers. I started with just muted tones of bright colors I like all because of this case. I loved the color and wish it didn’t get worn out so easily. I used Adobe Spark make theses. I started adding pictures to them after my trip to Portland. The apps suggest colors that are in the picture. I tend to offset them with a brighter colors.

Next week, I will have a video and a new blog post. I will be posting the video here and on YouTube. The next blog post will be LA Life Hacks!


Parking Lot Sunset
Eagle Rock Sunrise
DTLA 8th & Hill
Nighttime Tree
Portland Trees

Body Care

Over the years, I’ve been getting into a skin care routine. I used to be more focused on lotion and go. Now I have a full routine for my skin and wanted to share. I’m still working on facial washes that I liked and recently read how one brand I have face a lawsuit.

Lush Buffy Bar

The harsh Philly winters made my body like 50 Shades of Gray even with no less than a cup of lotion on my body. This bar is the best exfoliator and moisturizer I’ve used since Gold Bond decided to get rid of their body wash line in 2013. If you have Keratosis Pilaris, this maybe for you, too! 

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

Besides smelling like a cookie, I love using this because it does what it’s supposed to do: moisturize. I can’t go without this for a long time. I have the biggest bottle Target has and I apply it after every hand wash and shower. Plus, it’s not on the greasy side of lotions. 

Trader Joe’s Moisturizer

Since I’m getting older and in the sun more often, washing just my face isn’t a go to anymore. I started applying this a few months ago as a test run. I really like it for my skin type. My skin isn’t too oily but beside hormones, I still get the random pimple. 

Chap Sticks – All the brands and flavors

I have at least 6 chap sticks floating around in various pockets, bags, work and home. I keep 2 on my bedside table. I can’t eat or brush my teeth without rubbing 3 coats of lip balm on. I have to have one on me at all times.

Keep a look out this week for some phone wallpapers. I make them every few weeks to jazz up my phone and wanted to share! I also will be making making a video this week.


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