6 Months 2 Go

My goals over the next few months aren’t that extravagant. Most of them are leaning hard on my financials and saving.

My list: 

I would like to pay off a credit card. I set up payment Monday to pay off 60% of my current balance. I should be done paying that off by at least mid-August. The $25 minimum payments from that card with fund my Hulu for 2 months with gift cards bought at 7/11 to get 16 pts per dollar using Drop. I use the points to pay for my Apple Music. 

Since I got my permit, I would like to get my license. I don’t need it but if I want to drive out to Highland Park for a coffee cupping, it would be easier than taking the bus to subway to another subway. I could easily use one of them rental cars on the street and stop and get groceries and do a million other things!

Since I’m going to Portland and Seattle in October, I would need at least $200 from for the 4-day trip. Most of that would probably go to food, coffee, ice cream, and cheap beer. 

Saving half a month’s rent is a number one goal of mine. I need to make sure I have it. What happens if they close this office or worse? I don’t want to have to scrounge up a full months rent on short notice. 

I’ve been wanting a tattoo for almost 2 years from this artist in Los Feliz as I wrote about this week, that $100 plus tip, would make me feel guilty

I also have been working on YouTube channel for The Sims. I’ve been editing on weekends and would like to publish a video every two weeks. I’ve canceled my Adobe Premiere and reverted back to iMovie due to the issues of running it on my MacBook Pro. It took forever to load and edit. I hated wasting money! When I start uploading, I will share on here and twitter

I also started research on the book that I’ve wanted to write for quite some time. I will be writing for the blog and editing on the weekend but my nights will be dedicated to reading. I want to head to the library. The first book I bought was from Skylight Books in Los Feliz. I will be reading that this week and taking all the notes! (I should have bought another notebook!)

Thank you for reading my posts! I truly enjoy that I see people are stopping the site and actually reading it. Its honestly a miss-mash of things I love and enjoy talking about. This is kind of like my diary. I will have new things coming soon! Keep a look out!



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