6 months Gone

Six months ago I was relishing to start a new planner (I haven’t really write in since starting the new job), looking forward to the year, and quitting my barista gigs. I made a list of things I would like to accomplish per quarter and I’ve accomplished quite a bit. I’ve given up on going to grad school mostly because I already owe a shit ton of money.

I finally took my permit on Friday, passed, but it expires the beginning of August. I paid off my iPad in two months because I wasn’t trying to be hit with these interest rates. Going to San Diego was great and I would like to go back for more coffee and more ice cream. My friend, Katie, visited the week before and hanging in Venice (which seems like her kind of place) and eating a lot of Yeastie Boys was one of many highlights of the March.

Seeing Boy Harsher 4 times is probably one of my favorite musically moments. The energy in each show was exciting and captivating. I wish I was actually on a real tour. Going to LA to SD to SF and back to LA was fun. Zebulon was A LOT. But I can’t hang. I look forward to going to more shows. I want to be able to see more of SD and SF. Hell, I want to see more of Los Angeles County like Long Beach.

Leaving the coffee industry has been a turning point in my mental health. Not being on bar, not feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, and not worrying about hours being cut, even with a job that with lower but consistent pay, is refreshing. I feel stable in away that my checks won’t fluctuate. When I do leave this job, I hope the pay increases and build a savings account.

Starting this blog again has been good for me. At times, I wasn’t really sure what this blog would be but the more I think about it I see what I want. I really want to be honest with aspects of life. I want to be open and not guarded. I know the blog is named “Seq in the City” and you may come across thinking this is my sexy life in the city but my life isn’t sexy. It’s just about me living in a city, Los Angeles and possibly dishing about my time in Philadelphia and eating large amounts of ice cream and wishing I was a mother and in a relationship.

I ended last quarter with my permit, a date to take my test the day before it expires, and a pair of contacts that I am currently debating on keeping. Compared to my first year hear, or even my time in Philly, I’m truly living my best life. These last six months have been great and I am hoping for the best in the next six.

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