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I love technology and what comes with technology is the software. I’m an avid downloader of the most random apps. Remember that app Peach? It was social media network from a few years back? Remember Ello? Path? No? It’s okay. No one bought into them but they are still around and I still have accounts to all of them.

  • Product Hunt
    • The place where I get all the info about hardware and software that are new or old. Today, Google is stepping into the social media game. Again. I also found a new habit tracker.
  • Trulia
    • I like house hunting for fun and this is the app where I found a majority of my apartments. I spend my spare time planning on owning an apartment building in Los Feliz and not having to pay rent or living in a co-op with my friends.
  • Unfold
    • I love downloading apps for social media content. This is primarily for IG stories. You do have to pay for certain templates but if you are good at graphic design just copy what you see over in Canva.
  • Drop
    • I’ve dropped my link on this app before and I’ll do it again. Shopping at Target? Whole Foods? Grab points by linking your accounts and cash out from iTunes to Adidas to American Airlines.
  • Fetch
    • Upload your receipts. Get points! The best offer going is spend $30 on ice cream by the end of July and get $5 back. This sounds like a challenge but for me it’s not. I can do that quickly. I can get a $5 gift card to Best Buy. I also get 25 points for uploading a receipt. My referral code: Y8CKQ
  • Bobby
    • If you are bad at paying your bills, this will work for you. Put in what you pay, the due date, and it will alert you days in advance. I like this app just to have a run down of everything I have to pay.
  • Google Photos
    • Free storage of your photos. I have photos from 2008 on here. Why? I don’t know and don’t care. But I can also delete all photos from my phone at any point, clean up screenshots, and archive what I want.
    • The ultimate app. The one that makes everything sync together. This app takes me Pinterest pins and Product Upvotes and send them to my Twitter and Tumblr. This is the key to automation. It will tweet links for you, remind you to take out the trash, and even drink water. Who needs social media scheduling when you have this???

This won’t be the last post about my love of apps! Catch me next week on my favorite Tech and my love of Apple. 💕



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