I haven’t written anything because I’ve made it my mission to find a new job by the end of October. A lot of new shows started, and I want to talk about them but also speak on a few things that I am dealing with in my life such as debt, my hair, and personal … Read moreM.I.A.


Star Trek: Discovery

Summary Michael Burnham, a woman raised in Vulcan society by Sarek, is Number One to the captain on the USS Shenzhou. The show starts off fixing a well on another plant because it will be a drought. They move on to the next mission and battle the Klingons until the end of the second episode. Thoughts For starters, … Read moreStar Trek: Discovery


I’m a sucker for cheezy rom-com teen movies. Not to mention that the main stars of the movie are People of Color, things that never really happened in I-changed-as-a-person-in 30-minutes-teen movie. It’s the Mean Girls of this generation. I enjoyed this movie because it was cheezy but heart filled and you understood the roles of … Read more#realityhigh

iPhone Fangirl.

Smartphones & Me My first entry-level smartphone was a Palm Pixie. It was this cute, tiny thing. I bought it for $100 after my LG Lotus was sucking ass for quite some time. Within two years of having the Pixie, my last phone was phone before trading up to an iPhone was an HTC EVO … Read moreiPhone Fangirl.

La Colombe – Westfield Century City

I had La Colombe once around 2 years ago back in their City Hall Location in Philadelphia. I was a noob to coffee then and I’m still about noob about it because I still prefer Peet’s or Starbucks because I want an Iced Mint Matcha Almond Latte and not some bland thing. Plus, it’s Pumpkin … Read moreLa Colombe – Westfield Century City

intelligentsia coffee – silver lake

OATLY CHAI & SALTED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE Disclaimer: I’m a barista and therefore I am biased. I have an affliction to cafes that do not have flavored syrups. Why? I want fucking decadent shit. I prefer a Filthy (Double Shot) Chai Almond Latte. Why? Because I want to drink my calories and not want to … Read moreintelligentsia coffee – silver lake