Baggu, I love you.

The first Baggu I bought was at 5 Below. It was a navy blue polka dot laptop cover, that I still have in my nightstand to this day. Later on, I googled the name and have been hooked on the brand since then. I never got to get an actual bag until I moved to LA. I never saw one I liked in stores or didn’t have the cash to order online.

Net Baggu - Matcha

I am currently growing my collection of Baggu and hope to add more pieces to it. I’ve always loved a good handbag: big, adjustable, and easy to clean. Baggu is delivering fun and colorful pieces while keeping on the edge of my seat for what’s next. 

The Staples: 

Duck Bag: My go-to bag for coffee shops and bars. My need to be hands-free at all times,  I primarily where this drop the random things I college or may buy during the day. And to store my reusable bags and my headphones. Notebooks, iPad, and even a MacBook can fit into this.

School Backpack: Since I started walking to work, having to bring food, and I also have to carry a notebook, pens, lotion, chapstick, and a bunch of other things. I walked a month with my Duck bag, it was too much for a crossbody. I grabbed this on sale because I just had to get one more thing after visiting the Valencia and Oakland stores. My back is happy I got this and walking is easier than depending on one shoulder. 

Baby, Standard, and Big: Grocery shopping is much easier now that I have Big Reusable bag. I got all of these around the same time and it has made my life a tad easier. I use the Baby bag when I’m doing a quick run for creamer at work or to Ikea and know I need to carry the essentials. I carry these bags every day because I am always down for spur of the moment Target runs.

Circle Purse: For the club (I’m mostly in the house by 11pm) and concerts. Received as a birthday gift, I used this the day I got it, and I can’t wait to wear it ago. Never thought I would be into suede but this purse convinces me to add a bit more into my closet.

Hopefully, I have somewhat convinced you about the style of this minimalistic, colorful company but to advocate for them even more, they are into saving the environment and reducing waste. Like anyone else, I try to do my part by not taking a straw or lid when my drink is to go, making sure my bags are with me, watching them on instagram they really make a go at “practice what you preach” using recycled canvas, ripstop nylon, and even the packaging is recycled. On Instagram, they constantly show how you can reduce waste like making your own food wraps.

My list of what I want grows longer every day and they currently have a great sale going on. I  wish I had the funds to join in! They also have AfterPay, which I will be discussing the pros and cons for Money Monday with 2 other Pay Later sites!

Love & Ice Cream, Sequoia


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