Black, Broke & Fancy: Reflection

I have this phrase that I’ve been telling myself since I was a kid: No one else is going to do it. When I wanted to something growing up no one would get it from me. Yeah, I got the occasional Barbie, which I am grateful for, but there were other things that I wanted that I didn’t get due to our financial circumstances.

When I started my job 12 years ago, I barely made a lot and most of my income was disposable during the time of pay by the minute cell phones, I would just reload my phone and help out the cable bill. I was living in a small town in the panhandle of West Virginia. My checks were enough to keep a 17 year old kid entertained. Walked a mile to the library, grabbed an ice cream cone from the Dairy Queen, and call a cab to the local Wal-Mart.

I didn’t think about saving money because I never had a lot of it. Saving it meant I would have to spend it within 3 weeks. Probably the biggest amount of money I’ve ever received from working was $1300 – after working 2 six day weeks and tips. This was almost 10 years after I started working. I am in the process of trying to pay off two credit cards with a balance of 800$ (Most of put on since my funds are low the last two weeks!

I am constantly examining how to save, spend, and will share my plan going forward. My goal is to save at least $1k by the end of the year. I am currently split in paying off my cards and not having a savings account. I’m also considering giving up unlimited data. I don’t spend too much time on buses anymore but I want the freedom of it. I wonder if I can test my data limits during the week?

Tune in Wednesday. I’ll be talking about Slow Fashion because that’s why I keep spending money.



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