Black, Broke, and Fancy: Sad Savings

I spent most of last year trying to pay down my debt but it took a good chunk of my income even with minimum payments. Spending most of my money on rent, bills, and debt didn’t leave a lot of room for savings.

So, I decided a few months ago to stop paying my credit cards, put a portion of check toward one card per month but seeing that I do not have savings for anything that may occur like if my phone falls into a mop bucket (Yes, that did happen), my glasses breaking, or worse case: I am jobless or ill. I am dedicating the summer to building up savings for these things.

I would like to start off by saving for a replacement cell phone, half a month’s rent, and spending money for two trips coming up in September and October.  I would need at least $1050 by the end of August.

Long Term Saving Goals:

  • 3 months of rent
  • 3 months of cell service
  • 3 months of transportation!

Total Amount = $4116

If I ever lost my job, I am confident to say that I could find a job as a barista very quickly. But also I don’t want to do that.

By Sequoia Bey

Self Proclaimed ice cream kween, Sequoia Bey is living it up in Los Angeles with her cat, Edgar. When she's not working or writing , she's either online window shopping or catching up on her shows.

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