Black, Broke, and Fancy: Sad Savings

I spent most of last year trying to pay down my debt but it took a good chunk of my income even with minimum payments. Spending most of my money on rent, bills, and debt didn’t leave a lot of room for savings.

So, I decided a few months ago to stop paying my credit cards, put a portion of check toward one card per month but seeing that I do not have savings for anything that may occur like if my phone falls into a mop bucket (Yes, that did happen), my glasses breaking, or worse case: I am jobless or ill. I am dedicating the summer to building up savings for these things.

I would like to start off by saving for a replacement cell phone, half a month’s rent, and spending money for two trips coming up in September and October.  I would need at least $1050 by the end of August.

Long Term Saving Goals:

  • 3 months of rent
  • 3 months of cell service
  • 3 months of transportation!

Total Amount = $4116

If I ever lost my job, I am confident to say that I could find a job as a barista very quickly. But also I don’t want to do that.


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