Black, Broke, and Fancy: Budget Breakdown

Here is a look at what I have to pay per month. It’s not too bad and I have a good chunk money leftover to be able to pay off a few cards this year.

Money Out
Rent $1,148.31
Personal Spending $200.00
T-Mobile $122.00
Groceries $75.00
Electric $50.00
TapCard $30.00
Internet $25.00
Gas Bill $20.00
Hulu $11.99
Apple Music $4.99
iCloud $0.99
Total expenses $1,687.97

My expenses aren’t that bad but I do have to factor in savings and not going over my personal spending budget. The personal budget is mostly things I do on the weekends. I had extra money last week and instead of saving, I spent it on food. A lot of food. The 75$ budget is good for me. I don’t spend a lot on food because I have a lot of the essentials at home like rice, pasta, etc. If I go to Trader Joe’s once a week, I usually come out spending about 20-30$. There have been times where I skipped a whole week of groceries.

I know paying for Ad-Free Hulu is a tad much when I can get the Spotify + Hulu Premium but this is my guilty pleasure.

After paying all of this, I will have 400$ to be able to pay towards my debt a month and maybe save a percentage. Starting after my birthday, I plan on finding a weekend job to save, use for bills or something to do!

This upcoming week, I won’t buy as much because I only will be away from home April 13 to April 17th. I will be out of town and plan on having at least 250$ with me at the time for meals, ice cream, and coffee.

I will do a separate post about what I spent in San Francisco.

Have a good weekend!

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