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Like anyone else over the years, I’ve collected a mass collection of things I don’t need nor use. I lost a lot during my move to LA but gained things by over shopping and spending. Having a Target so close by doesn’t help either. I am slowly going through everything I don’t need. I’ve knocked out a few bags of clothes I don’t wear, organized my closet and seeing what clothes I use most excluding work clothes. I cleaned out my drawers and organized my clothes and threw out socks with holes, cut up a shirt to wipe down the bathroom, and cut up jeans to make a blanket out of it.

Less Stuff by Lindsay Miles

I found this book on sale at Urban Outfitters. I’ve been taking steps to use less and felt like this would add to my book collection and help me out. I am not trying to be a minimalist by any means but I want to make sure everything I bring in has a purpose. I want my home to be full of life and knickknacks that bring me joy. I like walking past my bookcase and seeing Tina Belcher on my bookshelf, the cross stitches gifted to me, and the books I’ve read stuffed into a bookcase. I am taking the necessary steps to produce less waste by using less plastic and paper by carrying my handy dandy bags, using glassware, and getting rid of documents I do not need – paper and digital.

Next Steps

Reading this book is more of a guide to get me organized. My current space is roomy and still slightly bare after a year and half. I don’t plan on buying more furniture until later on but I want to get rid of the unused items like the dresses collection dust. I plan getting down and dirty this weekend with my mini file cabinet. I would love to get it to something smaller and more manageable. Most of my files are digital but I still have pay stubs from 2010. I have a bit of a problem. I want to tackle everything under my bed. I have two carry-on bags with clothes in. I have a real problem but I am tackling it one step at a time. 

Hope you feel inspired to declutter and organize!

xoxo seq

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