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Since moving to Los Angeles, not only has my love of food increased, it has drastically changed. I’ve eaten food with mushroom (risotto), had steak (with the risotto and a slice of my coworkers), and even tried had a few oysters and clams (holiday dinners). I even consider myself Vegan Lite, due to knowing people who eat vegan, and me tagging along for the food. I wanted to share with you my favorite places I eat at!

Sage Vegan Bistro & Brewery

Mexican Pizza

I’ve been to Sage quite a few times. Dinner with friends from out of town, birthdays, and my personal favorite: brunch. Sage is a great spot to visit because I can suggest it to anyone and also grab their Mac & Cheese. Sage has quite a few locations in the Los Angeles area. If you’re hesitant about vegan food, don’t be. You won’t taste the difference between iHop’s French Toast versus Sage’s.

Lucky Bird – Grand Central Market

The Biggest Bird

What can I say about Lucky Bird besides yummy? Give me more? When it comes to chicken sandwiches in Los Angeles, they are as popular as Fairfax Ave on a release day. I feel like this is place to visit including Grand Central Market. Lucky Bird gives me a classic potato salad, biscuits, the biggest bird between two buns, and n

Torung Thai Restaurant

Duck Over Rice

Staring out as a random meal with J, visiting Torung has turned into a tradition including N. Any given time, I can expect a quick text asking if we are down for Thai that week or night. Torung has not only given us a casual place other than a coffee shop to catch up but left us with full bellies and more than enough to have dinner the next night for less than $7 per person.

A Few Others

Beyond the 3 mentioned above, I really love Jesse Boy, Sugar Taco, a new favorite I had this weekend and will be going back and Tocaya which is turning into a good replacement for Honey Grow. I do recommend getting a Tamarind Margarita.

I didn’t want to go too much into details about food mainly because I feel like pictures, my recommendations, and the links will get you to check them out. If you visit Los Angeles, reach out and I will love to give you some recs!


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