Fav Friday: The Sims – Part 1

I’ve been playing The Sims for almost half my life. It’s one of my favorite games.

Where it all started:

I was 12 years old living in Westville with my nana and brother. We only lived there for a few months. Each time we went shopping, I would grab a new apartment magazine because I loved fantasizing about moving into a new apartment or house. I still do. I constantly rearrange my room. I like a challenge. Around this time, someone gave my brother and I Legos. I would constantly make tiny houses. To put all of this into perspective, I was (slightly am) a huge Barbie fan. I love created stories, reading, and writing extensive backgrounds for a doll. Then one person who showed one of my favorite games!


My 6th-grade friend, K.B., showed me everything I needed to build and create stories of my own: The Sims 1. Where ever you maybe K, bless your soul. Of course, I told my grandma about this awesome, wholesome game. She didn’t buy into it at first but then she bought home the Expansion Pack only of Unleashed. I was jazzed but I also needed the Base Game. I remember also getting a copy of the very short-lived, The Sims Online. My desktop also crashed and didn’t come on for 2 years.ย After a while, the game became a distant memory until I saw this ad:

Advertisement for the Sims 2 in Jane Magazine in 2004 from thesims

I had to have this game. I was a supreme lurker on The Sims 2 forums until I got the game. I remember getting the game but not having a computer. Backward? Yes. But one is cheaper than the other. I held onto the base game like nobody’s business until I got a desktop to play. I would watch videos, read about mods, legacies, challenges, and any sim content I got my hands on. I would.

When I finally got a desktop, all I did was play. For the next few years, until 2014, I played none stop. I posted a good part of my builds on The Sims Resource. I am trying to get back to the building. I have a few houses on the gallery under THESTARLETPLAYER. I will also be adding to builds to YouTube as well.

The Sims 2 had some of my favorite gameplay, like memories, matchmaker, apartments, and of course the ultimate fan favorite – UNIVERSITY.

I want to end on this because tomorrow is EA Play. If you are in the Hollywood/LA area and into gaming. Tickets are free! I may add two Fav Fridays next week! I have more to talk about like The Sims 4 and sadly, The Sims 3.

Love and Ice Cream, Sequoia


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