Fav Friday: The Sims – Part 2

The Sims 2

The Sims 2 was a comfort for me. It had some of the best gameplay I’ve ever experienced.  This game has helped process the way I want to live my life, helped me not worry, and sparked my imagination. I build a lot and shared a lot of creations on The Sims Resources. I frequently change my bedroom around a lot, and I would like to blame that on this game. It became a lifestyle for me and even as a teen, I knew I would play this for life. That’ doesn’t mean I’m read for TS5.

The best packs were University, IKEA, Apartment and Night Life. They complete the game for me. The style in which I play, is more so “Legacy Style,” a variation of the Legacy Challenge. I omitted all the rules besides starting with one sim and having multiple generations. It was so much harder to do that in The Sims 2 because story progression wasn’t a thing. I couldn’t have a lot of kids, take care of them all, and pick who was my favorite. Each time I started a new game a sim would go college, build about their cooking, fitness, and logic skills, graduated with honors. If you can’t tell, I am one of the simmers who is sad about not having University, yet. I had a

The Sims 3

I bought The Sims 3. I never bought an expansion. I hate it. No, I’m not missing out. I’ve watched the gameplay videos.


The Sims 4

I currently play The Sims 4. I really enjoy the game and wish my computer could handle it a bit more. Being a tad impulsive, I grabbed a desktop that really can’t hand what I would to do. I’ve been playing the game on and off for quite some time. I’ve attempted to make a two videos over the past 3 years. I got so busy and couldn’t keep up. I plan on doing about 15 builds to put out this fall.

03-30-19_12:13:12 AM
Frida Street: Studio Apartment based on my old home in South Philly –

I am mainly focusing on my current game of The Evans family. I’ve been playing this family since January and just reached the 4th generation, all of this generation is children age, a few weeks ago. My goal is get to the 10th generation before I start a new game with a new family. Or I may just keep playing until someone dies and move on to another family member. It’s a pretty big family! If you do play, my Origin ID is thestarletplayer.

EA Play

EA Play was really great but very hot! I got see some of my favorite YouTubers, play the game, and saw the announcement live. Yes, I could have stayed in my bedroom and watch the stream live but what would be the fun in that?? I got to be in the crowd with people who was excited for the upcoming months of the game. I met a few simmers who streamed. It was a good time and I wish I just had a later appointment to play after the announcement.

What to expect for the next few months?

  • EP: Island Living (June 21st)
  • GP: Realm of Magic
  • Stuff Pack: Moschino

The Sims 4: Island Living

I don’t play with the supernatural. I try to keep my gameplay as realistic as possible. As soon as a ghost comes into play, I send them to heaven BUT I want to make a mermaid. Playing realistically is fun but some of my favorite shows were sci-fi like True Blood and Grimm. I wouldn’t mind pausing my current gameplay to create a family of witches and mermaids.

Watching some of the Island Living previews makes me want to buy the game. I really am a suck for new CAS items due to me not like custom content. The way the game looks is visually appealing (Why I hated TS3) but here I stand, wanting this game when I don’t play mystical/supernatural creates and I don’t like beaches. I want to make a boohoo family with a bunch of pets living off the land in a cute little shack!

I plan on premiering my Downward Spiral article the last day of the month focusing on the History of Influencers! Thank you for reading! Have a good weekend! I’ll be back Monday with new posts!

Love & Ice Cream, Sequoia


2 thoughts on “Fav Friday: The Sims – Part 2

  1. I’m doing the 10 generation challenge with my current Sims 4 family now too! I’m in the third generation so I still have a whiiiile to go. It’s interesting though because the third generation are twin teen girls and one is evil and one is angelic. It’s gonna be fun to play them as adults since they’re such opposites! I’m super excited about the Island Living expansion!! I haven’t been this excited about an expansion since City Living!

    • Hey! Sorry for the late reply! Very busy weekend. I have been playing.I currently have 12 kids from only one side of my family! I can’t wait for the Island Living expansion. I may wait until I can get a better computer. It lags so bad. Happy Simming <3!

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