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Disclaimer: I’m a barista and therefore I am biased. I have an affliction to cafes that do not have flavored syrups. Why? I want fucking decadent shit. I prefer a Filthy (Double Shot) Chai Almond Latte. Why? Because I want to drink my calories and not want to chew at times. Plus, I love creating weird flavors.

It’s pretty crowded but I find seating. I decided to stay indoors because once again, I like being inside. I noticed the lack of plugs. Even places with outlets were blank covers over them, the atrocity. I came to write, drink, and eat but couldn’t stay longer than I wanted.

This is my first time at Intelli and I knew they had Oatly, it’s my favorite kind of non-dairy milk or drink, whatever you want to call it. Bonus points to them for having it. My usual is a Vanilla Steamer from Grindcore, it’s my understanding they do not have flavored syrups.

The ordering system is strange. Who orders with the barista? Why? This is why customers at my job come to me to order. This is weird. I stood reading the menu waiting for the barista take my order. I paid for my items and grabbed a seat at the bar and while writing this afternoon’s post, I watched as they practiced(?) pour overs and the people watched. The crowd was diverse. This is my first time in Silver Lake, the crowd is different from WeHo, but still the same kind of chill vibe. It’s plenty of outdoor seating.

The cafe was pretty and I would bring people here to meet up but not work. I want to go back to try their coffee and other offerings. I may even do what coffee drinkers do – drink a black pour over. I am trying to train my palate.

That cookie was love. I could eat 4 more of them right now. Where are they from!?



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