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My first entry-level smartphone was a Palm Pixie. It was this cute, tiny thing. I bought it for $100 after my LG Lotus was sucking ass for quite some time. Within two years of having the Pixie, my last phone was phone before trading up to an iPhone was an HTC EVO LTE. The screen would constantly give me this:

Things my HTC EVO LTE would do. style=”max-width: 100%” height=”267

I would pop into the Apple Store in the Cherry Hill Mall all the time, it was the closest thing at the mall next to a Best Buy, my third favorite store after IKEA and IHOP. I would look at the MacBooks and iPhones wondering if Sprint would ever switch it up and add it to their roster but back in 2011, there was no unlimited data for AT&T. Around the last week of December 2011, AT&T had an iPhone 3GS for 1¢. I hated it instantly. The body sucked compared, it wasn’t as sleek as the EVO and it was much smaller. A year later, I bought the iPhone 5. It was sleek, still small, and new. It still had the classic look before the iOS upgrades that changed the look forever. I stuck with that phone for 2 years before buying my iPhone 6, which I’ve had for the last 3 years. Now, it’s time to upgrade and the reasons why…

iPhone X

The reasons for wanting this phone versus the 7 or 8 is the differences in the phone itself.

The Differences

  • 2 hours more of battery life than the iPhone 7
  • Face ID
  • PORTRAIT MODE & Lighting
  • Animoji
  • Kind of the same size as iPhone 6-8 but more screen
  • HDR Display
  • More Screen
  • Super Retina Display

Throwing down $1k on a phone is expensive but worth it in the long run. It’s people still walking around with the iPhone 5/5s. The chances of me upgrading next year or the year after is slim to none. If the only iPhones that landed were the iPhone 8/8+, I would not be even entertaining the thought of buying a new phone. I will have to oblige to buying new headphones as well because of the lack of the classic headphone jack. Honestly, I am not buying this phone until I get a new job, a job where I work 40 hours because ya girl needs stability.

Overall, I believe Apple is testing the waters with this the iPhone X and will phase out the other phones because that would be better for business in the long run and drop the price down to maybe $799. In the meantime, this is something to look forward to.


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