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I had La Colombe once around 2 years ago back in their City Hall Location in Philadelphia. I was a noob to coffee then and I’m still about noob about it because I still prefer Peet’s or Starbucks because I want an Iced Mint Matcha Almond Latte and not some bland thing. Plus, it’s Pumpkin Season. I want an Almond Pumpkin Chai and that will be my drink of the season. HA! I bought a latte and was sad because I wanted it to be a Vanilla Latte but I had just a latte. I think I went to Starbucks in the Center City Temple Bookstore and grabbed a smoothie. A matcha smoothie.

I never went to the headquarters in Fishtown because I never went to Fishtown and when I did, I would forget. I did go the Independence Hall Store to grab a Mocha Draft Latte.

I went to this location to get a draft latte with chocolate last week. It was disgusting even after I added sugar. It wasn’t how I or my former coworker made it when I was Di Bruno’s. It was dark chocolate and unsweetened. I came back around because I had time to kill before starting my own bar shift.


This particular location is cozy. It’s not a place to come and to sit for 3-5 hours like other cafes. The wood theme is cute but not comfortable to sit for a long time. The style of the cafe is pretty laid back, people talking, typing, and sipping. The overall design is nice, and I dig the feel of the place. Knowing how big this outdoor mall is La Colombe could have found a bigger space to bring more people in. Having only about 20 or fewer seats is kind of a bummer because this is one of two cafes in the Los Angeles area as of this post. The company is expanding and even from their job postings, 2 East Side cafes will be coming to the LA area.

I came in with only 5 other customers already sitting. Within the time it took to get my capp and pull out my Mac, the place filled up. I know the Fox Studio lot is close by and not to mention all the other stores. The people didn’t stay but knowing that people could have wanted a seat for the time being.

Drinks & Food – Cappuccino & Cookie:

Cornerstone and Workshop are the two types of espresso offerings. Cornerstone is the roaster’s blends, which tend to be darker. The Workshop is the single origin and my personal preference, lighter. I didn’t specify which kind of espresso I wanted but when I asked, it was the Nizza Blend. When I do go back, I want to give a pour over a go of the San Roque.

The milk worked well with this and it gave more of decadent taste after me adding 4 seconds of sugar via speed pourer. I worked with this blend a few months before I left Di Bruno’s, this was the espresso they used. I didn’t opt for my usually of Almond milk. (Yes, I am a big non-dairy fan. I eat a lot of milk in the form of ice cream.) I like the dollops of foam versus latte art because honestly, I don’t need a heart in my life. It constantly reminds me of my lack of a relationship. Ha, joke!

Do you see this cookie? Unique as fuck. Butterscotch Miso Cookie is love. It’s soft and delightful. And I went back for seconds. After that weird pint of gelato, I left everything butterscotch alone but this isn’t my first time having it. I’ve had it at the Stumptown in the Arts District. After doing some research, I found it comes from Sugarbloom Bakery, which also has many wholesale accounts in Los Angeles Area from Silver Lake to Irvine to Santa Monica. Praise be the Pastry Gods. If my job carried this, it would be bad for me and for business. I would eat one, or two, each shift.


I am not sold 100% on their thing since I wasn’t a frequent visitor of cafes back in Philadelphia, this is no Grindcore. I think it’s a nice cafe. I feel like the Draft Latte cans are doing too much. From the job postings, a few more are coming to the Los Angeles area. Maybe they will be more progressive to add outlets to this cafe and maybe have their personal wifi, I heard that they do not provide that service in their Fishtown store but I connected to the Mall-Fi. If I got a job at the mall, this would be a pre-work stop for sure. Then I’ll escape for a bit with a good capp and a yummy goodie.

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