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LA Life Hacks

Thanks to my friend, J, the following idea is brought to you by our minds. Living in Los Angeles can be a lot of money. When it comes to having a car in this city – you should also add about $50 in parking fees or more. I personally can account that even Lyft and Uber were more expensive in LA versus Philly. 

Park and Save!

I personally don’t know about the car life but J does. This tip is from him: If you need to park downtown for more than an hour and need to pick up food, park in the Whole Foods Parking Lot at 8th and Grand. Run your errands for up to 90 minutes then come back and grab a slice of pizza or pick up a nice bottle of wine before validating.

To The Airport

Being carless in LA has brought me some challenges along the way. I can’t go overboard with food shopping, walking to the laundromat can be a hassle, or getting to the airport is an adventure itself. If you don’t have a friend to take you to the airport, head out to LAX via Flyaway bus. There are few buses that go to different parts of the city. I usually head to the Hollywood and Vine Street stop but when I am trying to get home faster, I will get on the one to Union Station from LAX.

Bring Your Own Cup

Save the earth and save some coins! Most coffee shops will give you 10% or 10¢ to 25¢ off your order. If you’re trying to be plastic free, ask for paper instead of an iced cup and forgo the lid!

Matinee Ticket

If you have the weekday free time to watch a movie this is for you. Check out smaller theaters to see a film at $6.50! Vintage Theaters will have 2-230pm showings of popular movies like Star Wars to The Shape of Water. Check out Highland Theaters and Laemmle, too. 

I have a few ideas in the works for the next few months. I want to be able to bust them out while I can! Keep a lookout this weekend for my February Playlist and more wallpapers!

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