If I had a $1,000,000

I love the game of what would I do if I had a million dollars. It’s fun to think about. If I woke up tomorrow with $1 million dollars deposit into my account – I would honestly call my credit union first. (Credit unions are much better than banks!) But if that money is mine, this is what I would do with it…


I would use about half of the million dollars to invest in a two apartment buildings mainly one day I can live in one of them rent free. I would get one in Los Angeles and one in New York City. (I really want to be bi-coastal one day!) 

This cute building in Chinatown goes for $1.6 million. The downpayment is $320k and the mortgage is almost hitting $7k per month. Charing $1800 x 4 two bedroom units will cover the mortgage. Renting out the 4 bedroom will be extra income. At least this day and age, I would also include utilities with internet. I don’t know why no one does this! It would be so much easier.

I would purchase a 2 or 3 bedroom condo in Manhattan and rent it out until I want to leave Los Angeles. 



I have an idea for a co-working space and I would love to open it, but that takes money! I would need about $150k for the first year of operations. I would want to for a 2 year lease on nice location. Ikea would probably be the go to for furniture. I would work at the co-working space full time and 2-3 people for a part time role. (I would rather work 10-4pm 6 days a week!) The cost of paying to lease a spot in DTLA would be high. I would want to start off small with a space no more than 2000 sq ft.



The rent for the apartment I share with my roommate is $2245 including my $50 pet rent. Yes, I sadly have to pay for Edgar. He really needs a job. I would pay our rent for a year to relieve us of that burden. Or we could just move to a nice place but I also don’t want to pay more in rent.



My debt is bananas. I believe all my debt is going to hit $90k in the next year. I would pay everything I owe. I think I would help out 3 of my friends with their debt as well and give them $10k each.



I do have insurance with my job but I would probably quit my job to embark on my desire to be freelance and run a business. I would pay for my insurance for the year – the best money can buy and get all my dental work needed. I would also take up therapy again. 



Nissan Pao

I just found the cutest car and I want her: A Nissan Pao. I came across while writing this and she currently being sold for $9k on Facebook. She’s cute and want to drive place. I also have a need for a 1960s Beetle. I would need to get my license…


Shopping 🙂 🙂

I would love to go on a shopping spree, but I am trying to limit my clothing choices to major pieces I would wear often when I am not at work. Luckily, I can dress a little bit more flexible when I am at work and I know the only way coffee is going to end up on me is by some dribbling out of my mouth. I really want to purchase a few pieces from Ilana Kohn and Baggu. I would get a new mattress, a rug, and a new desktop computer. Also, I’m in love with this mirror from Anthropologie and would get that as well.


Ilana Kohn A/W19

Baby Bey

You already know my greatest desire is to have a baby. I feel like a $100,000 could make two babies happen!


Total = $940,000

That covers everything I would buy. I would but the remaining $76k in a savings to let it grow interest and only use it for big purchases costing more than $5k. I have mainly business ideas that are profitable but then I have ideas where I would love to create a home for teen girls in bad situations and an apartment building that goes by your income, not credit, and that is nice to live in.

I hope you had fun with my what-if about becoming a millionaire! I may do more another soon!

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