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butterscotch budino with a rosemary caramel swirl

Where To Find: Whole Foods on West 3rd

What is gelato?: Less fat and air than ice cream but just as tasty!

Thoughts: I shouldn’t have gone into Whole Foods but I did, and I don’t regret it but I do regret grabbing this flavor. Mostly because of the fact that I am not into eating pocket candy. Yes, pocket candy. This pint reminds of when a grandma – not my grandma – but someone’s grandma pulls of those caramel candies. I was expecting it to be more so Krimpet’s tasting but it wasn’t. I got this because of the swirl and I really do love rosemary and wondered what it would be like with these two flavors.

The texture of this gelato was probably the best I’ve had in awhile – I am not a fan of the butterscotch but I overlooked it and even though my stomach is built to do pints in one sitting, this is not the case with this rich and decadent gelato. I feel like this is something I would grab to mix with another flavor at a scoop shop.

If you love butterscotch, caramel, and rosemary then grabbed this pint but if you are not swayed by it. I am pretty sure I can find other rosemary ice creams.

Next Flavor: Spiced Stumptown Coffee



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