new year, big changes, and same me

Happy New Year! I really love New Years and this one is more special for me because I am turning my ideal age of 30 in June. I’ve been waiting for this since my teens? (I’ve always felt older than kids my age but that’s for another post.) Yes, nothing is changing but in the upcoming year I have a few habits that I want to change and want to explore. 2019 brought me some new changes that I was the highlight of my year besides landing a new job, I actually traveled and want to do more in the future. 


There are some things I want to get better at and one of them is impulsive shopping especially at Target. I want to change my habits when it comes to certain things like picking up the same pint of ice cream, which I’ve been doing frequently, and on a whim buying a camera because it was on sale. I also have gotten into the habit of scouring the interwebs for Ilana Kohn, sneakers, and bedding that’s on sale. I find the sales but I’ve also am racking up not debt but more items than I can handle. I came across an instagram, dressing_dawn, the last few weeks who created #20in2020. The concept is to shop less and use what you have. 20 wardrobe pieces for the whole year. I only know of a few things I want. I want to see how long I can go without purchasing something that I don’t need. 

The 2020 Plan

I have a lot of things I want and need to do this year. I want to finally get my license. Think of all the errands I can run! Lush and ice cream runs would be a lot quicker with a car. Overall, I want to be more methodical about where my money is going. I want to look at every dollar as a way out of debt or more so a need. 


Trying to get out of debt is going to be the hardest and most challenging road for this year. A friend and I created a plan to help each other out debt quicker. We will be switching off $250 with each other on our respected paydays. On my day, he will give me $250 and I take $250 of my own money to put towards debt. $500 each month to pay down my debt is ideal. I am able to do this by having a weekend job. The remaining money from my full time job will go to saving to move, which I will talk more about in the future, but for now I am looking to paying off some cards.


I want to add that I really want my passport and go to a few places next year. I am unsure of when that will happen but as long as I get my passport, it shouldn’t be an issue to go somewhere close by like Vancouver or Mexico City. It would be fun to experience something new beyond the borders of America. 

One More Thing

There will be weekly posts for now on. I want to focus on writing one good post versus 3 mediocre posts. This is one of my New Year’s Resolutions besides shopping. I have a few future surprises and will be sharing them soon.

Happy New Year! 



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