On Stand By

The last week has been kind of surreal. The past weekend was filled with a still panic of confusion and anticipation of a city wide shutdown. I spent my Monday, my first day off in a month, not going to cafes but instead rushing through a chaotic Target in search for some basics for the upcoming week. Los Angeles is on partial shutdown that doesn’t affect my full time job but does my weekend job.

Walking to work this week has been quite eerie and alarming to see everything unfold. Seeing people in front of Walgreens stand 6 feet apart waiting to go in the store was like watching a movie. I see the effects of this virus sweep through each place across the nation from Twitter and TikTok. Social media is keeping me informed but also providing me a sense of humor to go along with the anxiety and uncertainty during this time.

I haven’t sat and thought about what is happening in-depth because the financial impact will hit me less than others. I also know if I think about what’s happening obsessively, I will fall into a depression. I am aware of what is going on and what steps to take but I cannot focus all my attention on the pandemic. I won’t watch anything that focuses on the end of the world in any format especially when it’s a natural disaster movie like San Andreas. As someone who thinks about the future more than the present, I am constantly wishing the best about life.

The shutdown of many food service, retail, and face to face industries is what makes me sad. Thousands of people who work paycheck to paycheck are put into an excruciating position of not knowing when they will be able to work again. I am lucky enough that my part time job hasn’t closed and will be doing take out for the remaining time. 

Since I couldn’t make my way to a few cafes on my day off, I wanted to support the ones I know I can from a distance. I bought 2 gift cards from Day Glow and Installation Coffee and donated to my friend’s cafes GoFundMe. I’ve followed GoFundBean on Twitter and IG to see where I can donate next when I get paid tomorrow. I plan on buying random gift cards for the next week or so to be able to grab a cup of coffee when this ends. 

If you’re at work and home, just remember we are all in this together. That may be a tad cliche but it’s the truth. We are all stuck in our homes and worried about what happens if we get sick or we get someone else sick. Just remember, for the love of people, to wash your hands! 


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