Eating LA

Since moving to Los Angeles, not only has my love of food increased, it has drastically changed. I’ve eaten food with mushroom (risotto), had steak (with the risotto and a slice of my coworkers), and even tried had a few oysters and clams (holiday dinners). I even consider myself Vegan Lite, due to knowing people who eat vegan, and me tagging along for the food. I wanted to share with you my favorite places I eat at!

Sage Vegan Bistro & Brewery

Mexican Pizza

I’ve been to Sage quite a few times. Dinner with friends from out of town, birthdays, and my personal favorite: brunch. Sage is a great spot to visit because I can suggest it to anyone and also grab their Mac & Cheese. Sage has quite a few locations in the Los Angeles area. If you’re hesitant about vegan food, don’t be. You won’t taste the difference between iHop’s French Toast versus Sage’s.

Lucky Bird – Grand Central Market

The Biggest Bird

What can I say about Lucky Bird besides yummy? Give me more? When it comes to chicken sandwiches in Los Angeles, they are as popular as Fairfax Ave on a release day. I feel like this is place to visit including Grand Central Market. Lucky Bird gives me a classic potato salad, biscuits, the biggest bird between two buns, and n

Torung Thai Restaurant

Duck Over Rice

Staring out as a random meal with J, visiting Torung has turned into a tradition including N. Any given time, I can expect a quick text asking if we are down for Thai that week or night. Torung has not only given us a casual place other than a coffee shop to catch up but left us with full bellies and more than enough to have dinner the next night for less than $7 per person.

A Few Others

Beyond the 3 mentioned above, I really love Jesse Boy, Sugar Taco, a new favorite I had this weekend and will be going back and Tocaya which is turning into a good replacement for Honey Grow. I do recommend getting a Tamarind Margarita.

I didn’t want to go too much into details about food mainly because I feel like pictures, my recommendations, and the links will get you to check them out. If you visit Los Angeles, reach out and I will love to give you some recs!


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To YT or Not To YT?

I’m currently writing this from my desk while on my lunch break.

I’ve been thinking of making a YouTube channel. I wanted to when I was 23(?) and I forgot. I went to school for production. I love to edit. It’s such hard work and I like watching the final version over and over again. I even made a tiktok. I’ve been thinking about that for quite sometime.

I’ll come up with something. Be on the look out tonight’s playlist!



dirty room? clean it up.


Like anyone else over the years, I’ve collected a mass collection of things I don’t need nor use. I lost a lot during my move to LA but gained things by over shopping and spending. Having a Target so close by doesn’t help either. I am slowly going through everything I don’t need. I’ve knocked out a few bags of clothes I don’t wear, organized my closet and seeing what clothes I use most excluding work clothes. I cleaned out my drawers and organized my clothes and threw out socks with holes, cut up a shirt to wipe down the bathroom, and cut up jeans to make a blanket out of it.

Less Stuff by Lindsay Miles

I found this book on sale at Urban Outfitters. I’ve been taking steps to use less and felt like this would add to my book collection and help me out. I am not trying to be a minimalist by any means but I want to make sure everything I bring in has a purpose. I want my home to be full of life and knickknacks that bring me joy. I like walking past my bookcase and seeing Tina Belcher on my bookshelf, the cross stitches gifted to me, and the books I’ve read stuffed into a bookcase. I am taking the necessary steps to produce less waste by using less plastic and paper by carrying my handy dandy bags, using glassware, and getting rid of documents I do not need – paper and digital.

Next Steps

Reading this book is more of a guide to get me organized. My current space is roomy and still slightly bare after a year and half. I don’t plan on buying more furniture until later on but I want to get rid of the unused items like the dresses collection dust. I plan getting down and dirty this weekend with my mini file cabinet. I would love to get it to something smaller and more manageable. Most of my files are digital but I still have pay stubs from 2010. I have a bit of a problem. I want to tackle everything under my bed. I have two carry-on bags with clothes in. I have a real problem but I am tackling it one step at a time. 

Hope you feel inspired to declutter and organize!

xoxo seq

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plans and wants


Over the last few years, I’ve started a checklist of things I wanted to accomplish each year in my iPhone Notes app. This year is no different, I have a handful of goals I want to accomplish and hope to see them play out over the next few weeks to the end of the year.


Excluding student loans, I have $12k in credit card debt that ballooned when I was only making enough to cover rent, bills, groceries, and transportation. I had to use my card for emergencies. I made the mistake of getting a job that only gave out 30 hours per week, something I wasn’t accustomed to in Philly. I worked a minimum of 35 a week and still picked up a part time job for shit and giggles. 

I owe quite a few companies and would love to be out of debt ASAP but time and patience is key here. This won’t be solved unless I get a lump of money or strike it rich! I want to pay at least $5k of debt off this year. The remaining debt I will try to get a settlement. If I can score a loan, I will be doing that and pay during 2021 – let’s not get that far into the future.


I could stay in my apartment but if it’s not E, then it’s no one. She’s honestly the best roommate! I am looking for a studio on the other side of the 101 or west or east of DTLA. I would like to closer to my favorite coffee shops like Dayglow, Bloom and Plume, and of course my two favorite ice cream shops on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. Even though I see my friends at least one or two times a week, I would like to be able to do spur of the moment things and this would be better for them 2am Lyft rides.


I’ve never left the country and want to so much. I plan on trying to save a few hundred bucks for a quick trip to either Mexico City or Vancouver, BC. I will be putting that on the back burner until October. Maybe a cute little trip in Fall…a girl can dream. I have this massive desire to visit Phoenix and get tattooed by Fernando Mardo. I want that one dead center…

Before 30!

The only goals I want to do before 30th (in June!) is get my passport and driver’s license. It’s been on every list I’ve made since 2016. I am starting to see the benefit in having a car in Los Angeles. Or being able to borrow/rent one to drive anywhere I want. I would do so much laundry and run all my errands quicker. Also, why do I feel the sudden need to have a mini cooper?

Moving Part 2

Ideally, I want a one or two bedroom but will settle for a studio. I am currently obsessed with watching house tours on YouTube. That’s been my main source of entertainment these last few months. I cannot wait to scour flea markets, thrift stores, and in between to make a small little home. Hopefully, I can find a one bedroom under $1500 and nothing more but if the studio is big enough with utilities, I can work with that. I already have the couch picked out that I want!


This will be pretty brief but besides food, I haven’t spent a lot of money on anything besides undies. Yes, undies. I am in love with Shop Arq and bought a tank and two pairs of their undies last week. Undies were a need! My former Hanes briefs were not cutting it and were falling apart. After throwing away a lot of pairs, I decided to grab panties that were a better quality. I am sticking with this #20in2020 challange and will be doing monthly check ins on my spending! Tank and 2 Pairs of Undies – $89.60

These are really comforable…

Have a Happy Hump Day!

xoxo seq

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wants & needs

Less Than

Growing up I wanted a lot of things and couldn’t get them due to lack of funds. I wanted an American Girl doll, Limited Too Clothes, order from Delia’s and Alloy. That couldn’t happen with the amount of money my grandmother got. From 2002 until 2005, we were on Section 8. A majority of my clothes were thrifted from the Goodwill, which may be a trend now but in 2003 it wasn’t or from K-Mart. Not being able to do the basic things like go on field trips, spend some cash at the mall, and not feel like a total outcast when Christmas or Birthday came around was hard. Don’t get me wrong, I did receive things randomly throughout my childhood but getting less than my peers at that time has not only made me feel less than it also gave me a complex that took me years to figure out…

Treat Yo Self

Ever since I got my first job in 2007, I spent like I had money. I would hit up the Wal-Mart, CVS, and Dollar General and get anything my little heart desires. 12 years later, I still do it and know it’s a big problem. I get it because who would do it? My parents aren’t. I don’t have a best friend I’ve known for years. I’ve become accustomed to getting everything I want on my own. I don’t expect people to go out of their way for me but it has formed into a massive shopping addiction. I simply shouldn’t be shopping and this year is all about saving and paying off debt. 


The big thing that changed most of my 2019 was getting a full time job but that wasn’t enough. I needed more than that. I need more money to be honest but with money comes wants. I want better clothes, a better computer, and for some reason I want a car (a Mini Cooper) but I can’t do that. I want to buy everything that I desire.


There are quite a few things I need to do this year:

  • Pay off debt
  • Save to Move
  • Start Paying Student Loans
  • Save for Accounting Classes
  • Get my Driver’s License

The Plan

This post is a day late because I took the time out to budget the whole year. I should be able to pay off about $5175 of debt by the end of 2020. A big perk to getting rid of all this debt, my score SHOULD go up and potentially I could get a loan to get rid of the other debt! A big part of me trying to save is me moving this Fall. Hopefully, I can snag a place with utilities under $1300. A cute little studio near DTLA would be a great fit for me. I will also have to work every weekend until the end of the year or until I get paid $50k annually.


I recently joined a group via IG about shopping less when it comes to clothes, I’ve made that overall promise to myself to just stop shopping in general. I have a love for Target. (I actually made it out under $25 bucks for food, only!) I am curving my spending habits in general. I need to save for travel for my roommate’s wedding in Fall. Check out the #20in2020 hashtag on IG.

I will you today and pick back up with my plan to save and what I’ve been spending this month so far! Hope that gives you some insight in who I am and what I am doing to change.

Happy Thursday!