I’m a sucker for cheezy rom-com teen movies. Not to mention that the main stars of the movie are People of Color, things that never really happened in I-changed-as-a-person-in 30-minutes-teen movie. It’s the Mean Girls of this generation.

I enjoyed this movie because it was cheezy but heart filled and you understood the roles of each character. You knew what was going to happen even before it actually took place. I was surprised as fuck when the takedown of Dani happened but it’s not the actual thing that happened but the reaction afterward from Mean Girl, Alexa Medina.

This is a go-to if you are like me, a binger of violent-action-shoot ’em up movies and shows. Half of my television roster is mostly cops and drama shows. This movie is easy enough to lighten the mood, give you some “Awws”, drama and in the long run give you a break from the excessive violence.



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