Black, Broke, and Fancy: Saving & Spending

Part 1

I have many ways of saving money while spending it. Over the last few years, I’ve found a few apps to help me save money while I grab a Lyft, shop for jeans, or rent a movie from iTunes.

Here is a list of apps and what they do:

Ebates: This one can be used online or on your phone. The deals that you can possibly get like 4% off at Sephora in-store, 5% in-store at Pier 1, or 25¢ per Lyft ride or shop at JC Penney for 10% off via link.

iBotta: This is an easy app to manage. No need to link cards or bank accounts. This helps you get food shopping discounts only with your receipts. You can rack up a lot of change with this app. Most things are about 50¢ off but you can find some key items for $2. Love illy coffee? Get $2.50 off your favorite 8.8oz bag of your favorite choice of roasted coffee.

Drop: This is by far my favorite app! You can get points each time you shop at Target, Lyft, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s. You can select your key favorites. I racked up $50 of points. If you are a frequent shopper at Whole Foods, you get 8 points per dollar. That’s $4 savings and one more $1 to cash out for $5 off an AMC movie ticket. If you shop through the app, for something like glasses from Warby Parker, you’ll easily get $17 in points for buying a pair of glasses for $95! I usually cash my points out for iTune gift cards to pay for Apple Music, iCloud, and random movies.

Podcoin: If you listen to 2-hour podcasts, this is the app for you. You get 1 point per 10 minutes of your favorite show. If you listen daily, you get streaks and can get up to 2.5 points per 10 mins. You can either redeem for a gift card for Amazon, Target and some other stores, donate to a charity, or stack up the points to grab a pair of Bose Headphones for 120,000 points.

Google Opinion Rewards: Google wants to know where you shop, your method of payment, and what day. That’s all. You get to cash out after every $2.

These are a few ways I save money when I spend for necessities or for fun. These apps have been the most rewarding for me in the last year or so. If you enjoyed this, the linked apps are to help you start saving and to grab some bonus points with my referral code!

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