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The last few months Iโ€™ve made a few wallpapers. I started with just muted tones of bright colors I like all because of this case. I loved the color and wish it didnโ€™t get worn out so easily. I used Adobe Spark make theses. I started adding pictures to them after my trip to Portland. The apps suggest colors that are in the picture. I tend to offset them with a brighter colors.

Next week, I will have a video and a new blog post. I will be posting the video here and on YouTube. The next blog post will be LA Life Hacks!


Parking Lot Sunset
Eagle Rock Sunrise
DTLA 8th & Hill
Nighttime Tree
Portland Trees


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Self Proclaimed ice cream kween, Sequoia Bey is living it up in Los Angeles with her cat, Edgar. When she's not working or writing , she's either online window shopping or catching up on her shows.

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