3 tv shows for halloween - castle rock, evil on cbs, and sabrina


Let’s preface this by saying, I don’t really do creepy shows but certain shows give me the right amount of chills and these are my personal favorites for Halloween. I have been out once in my life for Halloween and don’t plan on doing it again until someone gets me pregnant.

Castle Rock

Starting its second last week (10/23), Castle Rock has become a watch during the daytime with roommate with 3 lights on kind of show, and I don’t regret watching it besides the right before bed. Did I suggest watching it in the middle of the day before sunset? Do that. The first season is a thrilling adventure with the like of my second inline of Skarsgård baby daddies, Bill, starring along Sissy Spacek, Andre Holland, and my all time fav from Shameless and Suburgatory, Jane Levy. I’ve never got into horror novels unless you count the Gossip Girl reboot but this right here is that girl and she will not be fucked with. Season 2 is off two a wild start. Lizzy Caplan, from Mean Girls, performance very unnerving well and gets me confused. Watch on Hulu.


What does a Priest in Training, a forensic psychologist, and a tech expert have in common? Possession. CBS pushed the latest cop drama for next season to develop in favor this randomly weird and binge-able show. EVIL teams these three people up to look into possessions, demons, and random entities that don’t quite fit the logical sense. I haven’t watched a lot but I spend my evenings watching back to back. The first episode has kept me hooked but i would rather binge this three episodes back to back. Also I get to experience the voice and sex appeal of Mike Colter for an hour. True greatness!

Honorable Mentions:

Nancy Drew

Yeah, I watched it. It’s weird. It had me jumpy enough at 12am. This will be something I binge when nothing is on and when I turn to Netflix.

Prodigal Son

Murder, Serial Killer Father, and Hidden Secret! I love and watching. Also, Bellamy Young is in it and she’s giving me First Lady vibes all over again. Love it and Lou Diamond Phillips.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The first and half of the second season were really captured my attention. I tend to watch in spurts of 2-3 episodes at a time. The show has been out over a year now but it’s time to dive in just in time for a little fright the for the night. From the very realistic way they talk about serving the Dark Lord or the ambiguous time area. Is it 2002 or 1962? Who knows? Who cares? Maybe it’s that small town charm. Kiernan Shipka performance captures my attention and makes me want to delay the end of the season. I like to linger a bit over the remote before clicking out for something else to get my attention. Within the last two minutes, I just read the wikipedia of how Season 2 ended and now I’m mad at myself. But I do this all the time. If you haven’t watched, please watch. If you have, considered me proud. Going to binge ASAP but also I want to wait until Season 2 Part 1 hits the servers!

Eat all the candy! 


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