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The last few months, I’ve been consumed with this need to shop. I feel myself growing out of the clothes I’ve liked before. I am trying to be more aware of what I’m buying due to money being low but want to be able to get good quality pieces. Looking at clothing constantly has lead me to term: slow fashion. I didn’t know what slow fashion was until a few months ago. I was just searching for clothes and seeing different styles that I haven’t seen before.

You’ve heard about Fast Fashion and with the acknowledgement of how clothes are made and the effects it has including wastes and labor. If I’m going to purchase new clothes, I want good quality and hopefully ethics as well.

Thus slow fashion is kind of the answer to this dilemma. It encompasses ethical, sustainable, and eco friendly practices. Most lines who commit to this don’t sell lot pieces at once and have looks for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Top brands you may know are Everlane, Patagonia, and Allbirds.

I’ve been spending a bit with shopping for the changes I want. I spent $370 on 3 pieces – on sale. The costs for all three would easily set me back 900$ full price. I bought a pair of pants that would probably be worn for Spring 2020. The other two pieces I can see myself wearing all year long.

You know I love apps? I found one called, Good On You, that would be the best way to find out what brands align with being eco friendly and taken labor into consideration. You can pretty much search any brand and it will let you know what the deal is. They ratings are based on People, Planet and Animals. Shown in the examples below.

This app is a good idea but also should be taken with a grain of salt like anything else on the internet.

Personally, I’m trying to save myself from buying $20 jeans from Target every few months. My plan going forward is to buy 2 pairs of jeans in black and denim and see how they will hold up. Since I don’t wear jeans to work, I want to see how they will hold up against the weekends.

I hope you gained some quick info about slow fashion! I leave you with some links to read and learn of the good and the bad.






I’ll be back on Friday with some of my favorite meals!



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