Star Trek: Discovery


Michael Burnham, a woman raised in Vulcan society by Sarek, is Number One to the captain on the USS Shenzhou. The show starts off fixing a well on another plant because it will be a drought. They move on to the next mission and battle the Klingons until the end of the second episode.


For starters, I am a big Star Trek movie fan. I wanted to dive into the history of Star Trek but the collection is huge. As a kid, I remembered this as the only non-religious show my grandma watched. She even had an issue with Touch by an Angel. Luckily enough as time goes on, the idea of watching every Star Trek episode sounds daunting because of graphics.

The show itself is good but not good enough. Looking into the Wikipedia page, the main cast wasn’t introduced like they did with The Orville; Yes, I just compared the two. I didn’t know anyone names in Discovery besides the Klingon, T’Kuvma, Burnham, Saru, Sarek, and Georgiou. What about the rest of the cast? Why didn’t you introduce them properly? I want to know who these people are. Where did they come from? Why are they here? I feel like I could write how this show should have started. I was more interested in the flashbacks of Burnham’s childhood versus the battle.

I want to watch this show and learn more about the main characters but the idea of handing over 6$ per month with commercials is kind of step. I enjoy the idea of it being streaming only but really CBS? Really?! You need to make a deal with Hulu and get your shows back onto that platform as much as I indulge in Blue Bloods, NCIS, and Criminal Minds this isn’t 2008 – where my main source of television came from the CSI Franchise. I feel like NBC could pull this off more because I am die hard fan of them versus CBS.

I want to know more about everything that the Star Trek universe offers but I feel like if this ends up on Netflix in Spring/Summer 2018, then it will binge-worthy for sure. Plus I want to know more about the new species of Lt. Saru – Kelpiens.

It took me 2 days to think about if I want to really pay for this. I don’t. If I really want to catch up on my CBS shows, I watch them the week after they air and before they get locked up in the All Access Vault. If iTunes come out with a Season Pass for this, then I will be signing up.

Stay tuned for more show reviews! I will be doing one each show on theWatchlist.



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