5 Ways to Save Money on Coffee

I worked in coffee for 4 years and feel like I know a great deal on how to save money. I know a lot of people say forego your cup of morning joe and make coffee at home but do people really tell you how to save even at the cafe? 1: Large Lattes – … Read more5 Ways to Save Money on Coffee


Black, Broke & Fancy: Reflection

I have this phrase that I’ve been telling myself since I was a kid: No one else is going to do it. When I wanted to something growing up no one would get it from me. Yeah, I got the occasional Barbie, which I am grateful for, but there were other things that I wanted … Read moreBlack, Broke & Fancy: Reflection

All About The Apps

I love technology and what comes with technology is the software. I’m an avid downloader of the most random apps. Remember that app Peach? It was social media network from a few years back? Remember Ello? Path? No? It’s okay. No one bought into them but they are still around and I still have accounts … Read moreAll About The Apps

Black, Broke, and Fancy: Guilty Spending

Like any person on this Earth, I like to spend money. Not only do I do it frequently, but I also feel guilty for it. It’s not like I spent a massive amount of money this weekend but I do feel bad for spending it. Little things like getting my nails and feet done, getting … Read moreBlack, Broke, and Fancy: Guilty Spending