All About The Apps

I love technology and what comes with technology is the software. I’m an avid downloader of the most random apps. Remember that app Peach? It was social media network from a few years back? Remember Ello? Path? No? It’s okay. No one bought into them but they are still around and I still have accounts … Read moreAll About The Apps


6 Months 2 Go

My goals over the next few months aren’t that extravagant. Most of them are leaning hard on my financials and saving. My list:  I would like to pay off a credit card. I set up payment Monday to pay off 60% of my current balance. I should be done paying that off by at least … Read more6 Months 2 Go

Black, Broke, and Fancy: Guilty Spending

Like any person on this Earth, I like to spend money. Not only do I do it frequently, but I also feel guilty for it. It’s not like I spent a massive amount of money this weekend but I do feel bad for spending it. Little things like getting my nails and feet done, getting … Read moreBlack, Broke, and Fancy: Guilty Spending

6 months Gone

Six months ago I was relishing to start a new planner (I haven’t really write in since starting the new job), looking forward to the year, and quitting my barista gigs. I made a list of things I would like to accomplish per quarter and I’ve accomplished quite a bit. I’ve given up on going … Read more6 months Gone

New Wave: Buy Now, Pay Later

In the last year or so, a lot of sites are popping up where you can purchase various items now versus later. This concept is far from new. For decades info commercials and HSN has been selling us items for $19.89 for 6 months for some cheesy jewelry or house item. The concept behind the … Read moreNew Wave: Buy Now, Pay Later

Fav Friday: Music

Enjoy my favorite albums of the first half of the year! My downward spiral into Digital Fame will be out the 10th. Have a good weekend! I’ll be back with new posts next week! Spotify Apple Music