September Goals

– 2-3 blog posts per week – 1 LA post – 1 Philadelphia post – 2 Playlists Maybe a video…maybe XOXO SEQ Advertisements


6 Months 2 Go

My goals over the next few months aren’t that extravagant. Most of them are leaning hard on my financials and saving. My list:  I would like to pay off a credit card. I set up payment Monday to pay off 60% of my current balance. I should be done paying that off by at least … Read more6 Months 2 Go

6 months Gone

Six months ago I was relishing to start a new planner (I haven’t really write in since starting the new job), looking forward to the year, and quitting my barista gigs. I made a list of things I would like to accomplish per quarter and I’ve accomplished quite a bit. I’ve given up on going … Read more6 months Gone