What just happened?

This random guy approached me. He introduced himself, asked me how my day was, then asked me if I had a boyfriend.


Stressed Out

The one thing no one sees is how hard I am on myself. I have this ideal of who I should be and it’s hard to not see how I failed myself. Is it weird that 29 year old me wants the same thing at 19? Is it weird that a 19 year old wishedContinue reading “Stressed Out”

Writing is hard.

I thought I would be able to manage a blog but I can’t. I’m not giving up and will find time to sit and write. I get home most days at 645 and end up reading reddit for the next hour or so. I have a few great ideas that I want to explore. IContinue reading “Writing is hard.”

Black, Broke, and Fancy: Guilty Spending

Like any person on this Earth, I like to spend money. Not only do I do it frequently, but I also feel guilty for it. It’s not like I spent a massive amount of money this weekend but I do feel bad for spending it. Little things like getting my nails and feet done, gettingContinue reading “Black, Broke, and Fancy: Guilty Spending”