I just read the wikipedia of how Season 2 ended and now I’m mad at myself.


Fall into TV 2019

Before streaming, I would look up the new shows on TV Guide and watch Comcast’s On Demand Specials of what would be premiering this upcoming fall. Mondays were requested off to watch Secret Life of American Teenager and CSI: Miami LIVE. If friends wanted to go out on a Friday night, I would decline. IContinue reading “Fall into TV 2019”

Star Trek: Discovery

Summary Michael Burnham, a woman raised in Vulcan society by Sarek, is Number One to the captain on the USS Shenzhou. The show starts off fixing a well on another plant because it will be a drought. They move on to the next mission and battle the Klingons until the end of the second episode. Thoughts For starters,Continue reading “Star Trek: Discovery”


I’m a sucker for cheezy rom-com teen movies. Not to mention that the main stars of the movie are People of Color, things that never really happened in I-changed-as-a-person-in 30-minutes-teen movie. It’s the Mean Girls of this generation. I enjoyed this movie because it was cheezy but heart filled and you understood the roles ofContinue reading “#realityhigh”