End of Year Blues

With the New Year being six weeks away, I feel like there are a few forks in the road that I didn’t see coming, or chose to ignore, that I have to face. I have accomplished a lot and will recognize the high points in my life but I want get these feelings out. My … Read moreEnd of Year Blues


Black, Broke & Fancy: Reflection

I have this phrase that I’ve been telling myself since I was a kid: No one else is going to do it. When I wanted to something growing up no one would get it from me. Yeah, I got the occasional Barbie, which I am grateful for, but there were other things that I wanted … Read moreBlack, Broke & Fancy: Reflection


I’ve been MIA due to life. You know that thing that takes up a big chunk of your life 40 hours a week??? Yup, that thing called work. I’ll be back and I’ll catch you up on my finances, my thoughts, and my favorite things. I even want to do a semi monthly series on … Read moreTBD