I’ve been MIA due to life. You know that thing that takes up a big chunk of your life 40 hours a week???

Yup, that thing called work. I’ll be back and I’ll catch you up on my finances, my thoughts, and my favorite things. I even want to do a semi monthly series on my favorite things in Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

I’m going to leave you with this one sad post of August and start September off with a clean slate of random musing is my mind.

In the meantime, catch up with me on IG or twitter.

xoxo, seq


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Self Proclaimed ice cream kween, Sequoia Bey is living it up in Los Angeles with her cat, Edgar. When she's not working or writing , she's either online window shopping or catching up on her shows.

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  1. I feel this. Work is more of my home than my actual home half the time. I’m gonna follow you on IG and Twitter!

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