the look you gave

The last week has been bittersweet. I got to see a friend from home, hang out with two of my favorite peoples, had my last days at a coffee job, and went to San Diego for the first time.

San Diego was a much-needed trip. Living in LA is kind of living in a bubble which only consists of Silver Lake, Hollywood, and DTLA. Going somewhere else and feeling far away left me with the need to see more places and experience different environments, even if its in Los Angeles. Even though I am not about that Santa Monica/Venice life, I am more willing to go there because it’s out of my bubble.

The coffee, food, and area was a very welcomed change for me. I was excited about going to this one ice cream spot and having friends who indulge my addiction on a frequent basis is a blessing and me beyond grateful. I finally ate at Tocaya Organica and I wasn’t disappointed. 

The main reason for going down to San Diego was for music: ADULT., Cold Cave, and the MAIN event: Boy Harsher. It takes me a while to get acquainted with music and the vibe of it. I have to listen to an album multiple times to get into it and actually feel it. Being exposed to new artists has been one of the best parts of moving to LA due to my friends, J & N, who I also went to San Diego with. Personally, I would still be listening to a Middle School Playlist and only new songs by Drake, who is high key canceled, and Beyonce, with a random few songs if I ventured over to the new music section on Apple Music, which I rarely do, even to this day. 

Seeing ADULT. and Cold Cave was exceptional but I wasn’t really prepared for Boy Harsher. The connection I felt to the music is how I felt when Lemonade came out, specifically compared to “Don’t Hurt Yourself” and “PAIN” – not including the lyrics but the music and the raw emotions that I felt from each song. Seeing them play not only once but twice, and will be a fifth by the end of April is going to be amazing. When I Get Home, Careful, and Golden Hour reflects who I am today and what I am feeling now. This is what I want to listen to when. 

The LA Boy Harsher show was what I needed, the crowd and venue were so active and enjoying themselves. The energy was captivating. The combination of ending my career as a barista, starting a new job this upcoming week, and seeing new bands feels like a new chapter to my life is beginning.I look forward to going to San Francisco with N & J and exploring a new city, new coffee, and new ice cream and seeing Boy Harsher 3 days in a row. I am honestly living my best life.



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