The Past 3 Months

The last few months have changed drastically. I wanted to keep sitting down to write but it felt so wrong. What am I going to write about in a pandemic? The TV shows that kept me entertained? The food I ate? Or how I shopped a lot? Who wants to talk about that when people are dying from the police and a virus. I stepped away from writing and focused on living in the world we know today. I have a few thoughts about what’s going on and want to share my perspective. 


Despite losing my first salaried job post college, I’ve been working 2-4 days a week at my coffee shop job. It gets me out of the house and keeps me a bit sane. It made me realize that I am not a homebody like I thought. I liked having all this extra time to read, watch tv, and watch streams but I couldn’t even enjoy that without being social with my friends. 

As it gets later into the year with COVID-19, I am feeling more alarmed by how people aren’t taking this seriously. We are all in harm’s way and not wearing a mask to help lower spread is honestly so fucked. I feel like we should have shut everything down for at least 2 weeks; including grocery stores. We would have been fine and able to cope without needing beer or snacks for 14 days. 

Black Lives Matter

If it’s not obvious; I’m Black and I am sick and tired of this country and the people who think we are excluding everyone else when it comes to BLM. If you’ve been listening to anyone for the last 400+ years, Black People are not the issue but the victim. We are targeted and harassed for the color of our skin. That shouldn’t be. I want to be able to not fear White people. I don’t want to have to explain every little intricate detail about what it’s like being Black and then having people not believe us about. 

You should do the work by reading, learning, and engaging with Black people – in a respectable manner and not as an educational experience. If you live in a city with a high population of Black people and don’t have Black friends or colleagues and none of your friends don’t, you should question that. Why would that be? This isn’t the time or place to argue and disagree with. You should be listening to Black voices about what they are going through. If you aren’t I would suggest popping that bubble you live and simply read. 

I’ve been posting a lot on instagram about BLM and injustices within a lot of communities the last few weeks. If you have questions about it, I will point you in the right direction! 

Resources to Read:@blacklivesmatter, The Basic Guide to Why BLM is Needed


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