The Weekend

There are a few perks with my new job like getting bagels each Wednesday and free coffee to my heart’s content. The ultimate perk is getting out at 3pm on Fridays during the summer. The Friday before Memorial Day was the start of Summer Fridays and that lead me to going home and playing my favorite game, The Sims 4. I’ve been playing nonstop and cannot wait share my time at EA Play!

The next day I met up with my two friends, N and L, at my favorite coffee shop, Dayglow. We chatted about what is going on in our lives. L has been in Spain since the end of last year. Even though we talked a few times a week, it was great to see her in person. N and I went from seeing each other a few times a week to about weekly. I really miss working with him. It would be nice to work with someone so dedicated again. N and I walked back to his house but we also ran into an old coworker. I got to see M, a friend and N’s roommate. It was nice to see so many people in one day unexpectendly. The rest of the night until Sunday afternoon, I stayed in playing The Sims 4 until J hit me up…

He invited me to go to IKEA, one of my favorite stores after Target, Best Buy, and iHop. I spent the rest of my evening helping him pick out bedding and making a mental list of everything I wanted. I want to make my bedroom homier than my last apartment. Create a space that I would like to be in versus a space I hated. I would love to have a fuctioning space to decompress and leave everything that bothers me at the door. Hopefully, I can accomplish that by the end of the year.

Monday just consisted of me procranstinating my life away with The Sims. I made a grilled cheese sandwich and didn’t do much besides eat snacks.

Up next, I will be doing my first post for Fav Fridays. It will be focusing on my love of The Sims and why I am still playing after 15 years and what started my need to build.

Cheers, Sequoia

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