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Less Than

Growing up I wanted a lot of things and couldn’t get them due to lack of funds. I wanted an American Girl doll, Limited Too Clothes, order from Delia’s and Alloy. That couldn’t happen with the amount of money my grandmother got. From 2002 until 2005, we were on Section 8. A majority of my clothes were thrifted from the Goodwill, which may be a trend now but in 2003 it wasn’t or from K-Mart. Not being able to do the basic things like go on field trips, spend some cash at the mall, and not feel like a total outcast when Christmas or Birthday came around was hard. Don’t get me wrong, I did receive things randomly throughout my childhood but getting less than my peers at that time has not only made me feel less than it also gave me a complex that took me years to figure out…

Treat Yo Self

Ever since I got my first job in 2007, I spent like I had money. I would hit up the Wal-Mart, CVS, and Dollar General and get anything my little heart desires. 12 years later, I still do it and know it’s a big problem. I get it because who would do it? My parents aren’t. I don’t have a best friend I’ve known for years. I’ve become accustomed to getting everything I want on my own. I don’t expect people to go out of their way for me but it has formed into a massive shopping addiction. I simply shouldn’t be shopping and this year is all about saving and paying off debt. 


The big thing that changed most of my 2019 was getting a full time job but that wasn’t enough. I needed more than that. I need more money to be honest but with money comes wants. I want better clothes, a better computer, and for some reason I want a car (a Mini Cooper) but I can’t do that. I want to buy everything that I desire.


There are quite a few things I need to do this year:

  • Pay off debt
  • Save to Move
  • Start Paying Student Loans
  • Save for Accounting Classes
  • Get my Driver’s License

The Plan

This post is a day late because I took the time out to budget the whole year. I should be able to pay off about $5175 of debt by the end of 2020. A big perk to getting rid of all this debt, my score SHOULD go up and potentially I could get a loan to get rid of the other debt! A big part of me trying to save is me moving this Fall. Hopefully, I can snag a place with utilities under $1300. A cute little studio near DTLA would be a great fit for me. I will also have to work every weekend until the end of the year or until I get paid $50k annually.


I recently joined a group via IG about shopping less when it comes to clothes, I’ve made that overall promise to myself to just stop shopping in general. I have a love for Target. (I actually made it out under $25 bucks for food, only!) I am curving my spending habits in general. I need to save for travel for my roommate’s wedding in Fall. Check out the #20in2020 hashtag on IG.

I will you today and pick back up with my plan to save and what I’ve been spending this month so far! Hope that gives you some insight in who I am and what I am doing to change.

Happy Thursday! 



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