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I haven’t written anything in over a year because I didn’t have much to talk about. I was honestly depressed about my work life and living situation. I’ll admit that I gave up on writing because I was tired and frustrated. My life didn’t seem readable nor interesting. I can write about the way I felt unwanted in my home now, but I couldn’t when I was going through with everything. I was angry and regretted moving to Los Angeles but now I am in a different space. I am happy with my friends, what is happening in the next few weeks, and the potential for something greater. I feel it happening in its own time. I need to learn to rush things. 

The plan for this blog is to outline my priorities: having a baby by 2022 and get out of debt by 2021. I am planning on going more into detail about that at a later time. I look forward to writing this week and hope you tune in! I will be posting Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday!

This Week:

San Diego with J & N.

Coffee Cupping

Finding Freelance Work


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Self Proclaimed ice cream kween, Sequoia Bey is living it up in Los Angeles with her cat, Edgar. When she's not working or writing , she's either online window shopping or catching up on her shows.

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