Writing is hard.

I thought I would be able to manage a blog but I can’t. I’m not giving up and will find time to sit and write. I get home most days at 645 and end up reading reddit for the next hour or so.

I have a few great ideas that I want to explore. I want to implement them ASAP but everything takes time. Writing takes time. I can’t just sit and write. I overthink everything frequently. I spent most of this week redoing my budget and I’ve redone it 6 times. Guess what? I’ll have the same amount of money each month give or take $60 (I hate electric is every two months!) no matter what I do and I need to just take a chill pill.

Instead of obsessing over things that can’t change like the funds or my debt. I can obsess over this blog and writing. That’s what I’m going to do this weekend. I don’t have anywhere to be! I should be writing.

Coming Soon!!!

In The City – A focus on cities and what they have to offer. Guest blogging.

Downward Spirals – In-depth look at random topics that I’ll shed some light on.



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Self Proclaimed ice cream kween, Sequoia Bey is living it up in Los Angeles with her cat, Edgar. When she's not working or writing , she's either online window shopping or catching up on her shows.

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